Soft Care Gentle 2 in1 28x0.3L - Haarshampoo und Duschgel

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Mildes Duschgel und Shampoo,  passend zum Soft Care Select System.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
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Mildes Duschgel und Shampoo,  passend zum Soft Care Select System.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
- Mildes «2in 1»-Produkt
- Angenehmes frisches Parfüm

Soft Care Gentle 2in1 is based on a mild blend of surfactants, humectants and hair care ingredients. The smart surfactant system ensures removal of (greasy) soil whilst being mild to the skin and hair. The product is suitable for frequent use without drying out the skin or irritating it. In addition moisturizers provide skin care effects, while the conditioner ensures tangle free hair. It does not form any soap scum, leaving the shower easy to clean. This 2in1 formulation is fragranced with a mildly scented perfume. Soft Care Gentle 2in1 is generally applied in bathrooms and shower rooms of sports clubs. Soft Care Gentle 2in1 has been formulated in accordance with the European Cosmetics Directive and as such is safe when applied according to the directions of use.
  • Based on a mild blend of surfactants, humectants and hair care ingredients to ensure greasy soil and dirt is effectively removed whilst moisture levels of the skin and hair are maintained
  • This product is suitable for frequent use without drying out or irritating skin
  • Moisturisers provide lasting skin care, whilst conditioner ensures tangle free hair
  • Can be used as bath foam, producing plenty of lather irrespective of the water hardness
  • Does not form soap scum, leaving the bath easy to clean
  • pH-balanced
  • Skin compatibility tested (Patch test)
  • Pleasant perfume and excellent sensory properties
  • Eco-certified with Nordic Swan and EU Ecolabel

  • Excellent sensory properties
  • Mild and efficient '2 in 1' product for hair and body
  • Forms plenty of lather
  • Increased guest satisfaction
  • Pleasantly perfumed
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